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Unique Passwords and Password Reuse

A few instances of email and social network account passwords being compromised in the last few months. This is usually a result of password reuse i.e. using the same userid and password combination at a smaller or less secure website whose user database has been hacked or compromised internally. Once an account id and password have been taken those id password combinations are then tried on other sites in an attempt to gain access. These attacks are usually automated and involve gaining acess for spam purposes, but could be used for more nefarious purposes such as financial fraud if a bank or paypal account were involved. Here are some password tips to help you.

Use a unique password
For every unique account, use a unique password.
Using the same password on different websites allows hijackers to access your important accounts if they manage to steal your password from a less secure website. At a minimum, choose unique passwords for important accounts like your email and online banking.

Why are unique passwords important?
Using a unique password helps keep your accounts and data safe. It's especially important to use unique passwords for important accounts such as banking, social networks, and email. You're likely to have dozens of accounts across the web, and you can't guarantee the security of all of those accounts. Many smaller companies don't have security technology capable of guarding your data from cyber criminals. When you use the same password across the web, a cyber criminal can gain access to a less secure account and then use that password to compromise your important accounts.






Reminder that the macbooks while portable are still fragile pieces of equipment. We have already had to replace a couple broken screens this school year. Please use the proper technique when carrying them and just because the bags are padded doesn't mean that they can't be cracked if dropped or hit.

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